Matthew Bosworth
Software Engineering Manager / Technical Lead

As a software engineering manager and technical lead I shepherd projects and teams, champion process, and guide executives to data-driven decisions. I am a passionate generalist skilled in leadership, mentoring, hiring, team building, risk management, security, education, and public speaking. I have experience in organizations ranging from pre-seed startups to the Fortune 500. I have worn many hats and I wouldn't want it any other way.
Engineering Manager, Cloud Native Applications, Caylent
1/2023 - present
Provide technical oversight and direction for project teams building cloud native software in Amazon Web Services. Point of contact for clients to handle project-level concerns. Work with other engineering managers to develop training and content for the Cloud Native Applications practice. Manage and mentor engineers and architects.
Director, Cloud and Data Engineering, EMOTIV, Inc.
11/2017 - 12/2022
Led three agile project teams, including direct management of all engineers: cloud infrastructure & APIs, e-commerce, and web applications. Managed the architecture, development, and maintenance of all EMOTIV cloud and web software, supporting tens of thousands of customers and millions of minutes of EEG data. Served as Data Protection Officer, responsible for company-wide security, privacy, and compliance.

Principal Research Software Engineer, Neuropace, Inc.
5/2008 - 4/2020
Designed, implemented, and maintained clinical research tools built on the world's largest database of ambulatory epileptic ECoG recordings.
Technology Consultant, Codetastic
11/2005 - present
Strategic technology consulting and contracting. Specify, design, improve, and modernize a wide variety of software projects. Diverse work including web applications, database management, device driver development, server-side applications, and thick clients. Responsible for sourcing projects, scoping, pricing, billing, and hand-off. Technologies include MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python, Django, Javascript, and ReactJS.

Selected projects

Full-stack development for CasePrism. Modernized and secured their web application in preparation for launch.

Full-stack development for Emotiv. Designed a database and RESTful API for a user facing web service.

Embedded Linux development for Neuropace, Inc. Driver and application software development on an ARM platform.

Web Services consulting for Preclick. Helped shape and implement the web services strategy.

Ruby on Rails development for Trabian. Developed a polling plugin for their content management system.

Web Application development for Mabo Studios. Architected and built an application to allow automated and auditable process management. Responsible for design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance.

Java development for ConVisia's document collaboration software. Responsible for major components of the rich client interface as well as upgrading the engineering processes.

Ruby on Rails development for Digital Learning Commons. Implemented integration projects between their platform and external software and authentication vendors.

VP Engineering and Cofounder, Tomo Software
2/2003 - 5/2005
Responsible for server-side architecture, engineering management, coding, and system administration.
  • Designed and built an AI-based distributed simulation game in Java, including web and mobile APIs.
  • Designed a distributed database schema in postgreSQL, reducing hardware costs and allowing for horizontal scaling of the data store
  • Grew the engineering department from two engineers to ten.
  • Generated requirements and chose technologies for tools used to create content for the game.
  • Worked with business development team to design a generic billing system for mobile phone based games.
  • Specified, purchased, installed and maintained 99+% uptime of the colocated server farm.
Speaking and Instruction
Instructor, Data Science and Visualization Bootcamp, UC San Diego Extension
2/2021 - 7/2021
Led a cohort of 22 students through a 6 month part-time bootcamp program.

Mentor, Full stack software engineering bootcamp, LEARN Academy
3/2017 - present
Mentor groups of 2-3 students through a 4-week internship and capstone project in full-stack web development.

Speaker, Pioneers 2019, Vienna, Austria

Industry delegate, Global Neuroethics Summit, Seoul, South Korea
As one of two industry delegates, presented a set of topics of interest to business people working with neurotech and brain data.

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Masters of Science, Computer Engineering
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Bachelors of Science, Computer Engineering