A message for recruiters
Matthew Bosworth

As a truly full-stack software engineer, my experience in embedded, server-side, web, and cloud environments across a variety of industries has focused on healtcare and neuro-tech. I am a passionate generalist with skills in other disciplines including leadership, public speaking, and compliance.  I have worked as a coder, an architect, and a manager. I am looking for a great team with whom to collaborate, design, and implement technology to improve the world.
Director Cloud and Data Engineering, EMOTIV, Inc., San Francisco, CA
2017 - ongoing
Overseeing the architecture, development, and maintenance of all EMOTIV cloud systems. Leading three overseas engineering teams building infrastructure, e-commerce, and web applications. Responsible for compliance as the Data Protection Officer. Reporting directly to the CEO, interacting closely with product, research, and business development to help determine the company strategy. Spoke at international conferences about neuro-technology and neuro-ethics.
Principal Research Software Engineer, Neuropace, Inc., Mountain View, CA
2008 - ongoing
Designed, implemented, and maintained clinical research tools built on the world's largest database of ambulatory epileptic ECoG recordings. Turned pain points of internal customers into workflow tools, maintaining and improving legacy applications, and monitoring and administration of the research infrastructure. Worked closely with engineering to generate prototypes for production tools. Ensured HIPAA compliance and data security for clinical research computer systems.
Independent Contractor, Codetastic, USA
2005 - ongoing
Strategic technology consulting and contracting. Designing, improving, cleaning up, and modernizing of a wide variety of software projects, including web applications, database management, device driver development, server-side applications, and thick clients.

Full-stack Developer for CasePrism. Modernized and secured their web application in preparation for launch.

Full-stack Developer for Emotiv. Designed a database and RESTful API for a user facing web service. Did such a good job that they hired me as engineering director several years later. A significant portion of my original code is still in production serving thousands of customers.

Embedded Linux Developer for Neuropace, Inc. Driver and application software development on an ARM platform.

Web Services Consultant for Preclick. Helped shape and implement the web services strategy.

Ruby on Rails Developer for Trabian. Developed a polling plugin for their content management system.

Web Application Tactician for Mabo Studios. Architected and built an application to allow automated and auditable process management. Responsible for design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance.

Principal Java Engineer for ConVisia's document collaboration software. Responsible for major components of the rich client interface as well as upgrading the engineering processes.

Ruby on Rails Developer for Digital Learning Commons. Implemented integration projects between their platform and external software and authentication vendors.

VP Engineering, Tomo Software, Los Angeles, CA
2003 - 2005
Responsible for server-side architecture, engineering management, coding, and system administration.
  • Designed and built an AI-based, distributed simulation game in Java, including web and phone APIs.
  • Designed a distributed database schema to support the game.
  • Generated requirements and chose technologies for tools used to create content for the game.
  • Assisted in the design of a generic billing system for mobile phone based games.
  • Maintained fourteen servers running the game and associated support services.
  • Grew the engineering department from two engineers to seven.
Software Engineer, Paralan, San Diego, CA
2002 - 2003
Responsible for the software development of the Moscow eSCSI Bridge project.
  • Developed user space applications and drivers in C to enable SCSI to gigabit ethernet bridging.
  • Assisted in development of a Linux SCSI target driver.
  • Led the software bring up of the in-house prototype board, modifying Linux drivers as necessary.
Design Engineer II, ST Microelectronics, San Diego, CA
2000 - 2001
Led the software development for the Leonardo System on Chip (SoC) project. Participated in specifying, testing, and debugging the SoC. Managed another developer working at a remote site.
  • Specified and implemented a validation and bring-up scheme.
  • Wrote a boot ROM in C, and assisted in porting μClinux and Leon software to the platform.
  • Packaged a complete development environment for distribution to potential customers including a full cross-compiler toolchain.
  • Wrote and distributed a paper detailing results of benchmarks comparing code density in Sparc vs. ARM processors.
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Masters of Science, Computer Engineering, 2000
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Bachelors of Science, Computer Engineering, 1998