A message for recruiters
Matthew Scott Bosworth
2826 Copley Ave
San Diego, CA 92116 USA
619.384.3989 (cell)


A truly full-stack software engineer, veteran of embedded, web, and server-side environments across a variety of industries. A passionate generalist with an appreciation for other disciplines including management, user experience, and compliance.  A proven architect and coder looking for a great team with whom to collaborate, design, and implement interesting projects and technologies.
Lead Software Architect

  • Led a complete redesign of NeuroPace's clinical research web tools in Python, jQuery, Bootstrap, and d3.js
  • Represented user interface and interaction design in a major overhaul of NeuroPace's Patient Data Management System used by clinicians to care for their patients.
  • Implemented software best practices including version control, bug tracking, and living documentation for the NeuroPace research department.
  • Designed and implemented distributed database schema for Tomo Software's mobile phone based massively multi-player online roleplaying game (MMORPG).
  • Conceived the distributed architecture for Tomo Software's Java based simulation game (without an application server).
  • Generated requirements and chose technologies for tools used to create content for Tomo Software's games.

Technology Consultant

  • Evaluated storage solution providers as potential business partners for Preclick
  • Refocused Preclick away from custom software towards easily supported and outsourced server-side technologies (SMTP, POP, LDAP).
  • Assisted Mabo Studios in defining its web strategy.
  • Part of Emotiv's international team, leading the implementation of an AWS-based web API in Python
  • Ported legacy PHP into more easily maintained and extended Ruby at Digital Learning Commons
  • Co-conceived, designed, and implemented the server side of Preclick's Internet Photo Messaging.
  • Updated Trabian's administrative area to facilitate search and implemented inline editing with AJAX and DHTML
  • Designed and implemented a custom process management site in Ruby on Rails for Mabo Studios

Engineering Manager

  • Led teams of 2 - 8 engineers in complex Java projects (AI, web, and server, and mobile technologies) at Tomo Software.
  • Implemented software best practices including version control, bug tracking, and living documentation for the NeuroPace research department
  • Participated in the NeuroPace HIPAA working group to ensure compliance of the research team's software systems
  • Trained research scientists in SQL, Python, and git
  • Determined requirements and timelines for the team, communicated these with the project manager.
  • Successfully led teams to deploy networked mobile phone video games, web applications, and database tools.

Chief of Information Technology

  • Supported federal grants by making hardware recommendations and contributing supporting software and tools.
  • Responsible for a colocated cluster of 14 servers hosting mission critical business services.
  • Scripted customization of new servers, both physical and virtual.
  • Maintained DNS (BIND), Sendmail, Apache, database (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL), Tomcat, JBoss, version control (git, SVN, CVS), and bug-tracking (Trac) services.

Embedded Software Engineer

  • Wrote SPI / sysfs driver for AD9833 Programmable Waveform Generator
  • Wrote I2C / sysfs driver for the PCA9552 LED controller
  • Architected and implemented a soft real-time application framework
  • Integrated patches for SPI GPIO access into the Linxu kernel
  • Architected, implemented, and debugged Linux device drivers and application code for a SCSI-Ethernet bridge device (custom hardware).
  • Led the software bring-up of several in-house prototype boards.
  • Specified and implemented a validation and bring-up scheme, a boot ROM, and system software for a Sparc-based SoC implementation.

Java Engineer

  • Created Data Access Objects enabling mobile phones and Flash to access a PostgreSQL database.
  • Wrote Java servlet for accessing server-side data from a mobile phone or via Flash Remoting.
  • Implemented Factory pattern for loading and executing simulation events from the database.
  • Designed and coded GUI (Swing) and web-based (JSP/Servlet) tools to visualize and modify database data.
  • Conceived and implemented a graphical administration utility and wizard in Java / Swing
  • Re-architected and refactored a multi-window application into a tabbed interface.
  • Reviewed and optimized the code base to remove memory leaks and other performance bottlenecks.
  • Implemented an online help system, including both code and content.

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Masters of Science, Computer Engineering, 2000
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Bachelors of Science, Computer Engineering, 1998