I don't know you, but if you're reading this you're probably a technology recruiter. That's great. I've talked to lots of recruiters, hell, I used to date one!

That said, there are a few things that many recruiters overlook when contacting me, and I'd like to take this space to enlighten you.

  1. Don't call, email. I, like you, have a job. My job is often paid by the hour. Time spent chatting with you on the phone, while pleasant, is not billable. Please don't impose on my livelihood by insisting on a phone call when you could very easily summarize your available postings in an email.
  2. Know your audience. I'm sure you never do this, but I've definitely had calls from recruiters looking for a skill set that I don't have. My resume is always up to date (since it's my livelihood), please compare it to your listings and contact me with jobs that seem to be a good match.
  3. Be specific. Emails full of vague assurances of open positions are usually an indication that you either a) haven't researched me or, b) have nothing worth advertising. I try to respond to these (though sometimes I wonder why), but when I do, all I want is a specific listing.
  4. I like where I live. I'm perfectly happy to telecommute, but please don't waste either of our times with jobs that require me to move to Mississippi (nothing against Mississippi, it's just fun to type).

Thank you for your time. Please don't hesitate to email if you have a position that I might be interested in!

Yours truly,

Matthew Bosworth