When I was a mere lad, my dear father imparted an important lesson to me. He said, "in this country, the only way to really succeed is to be your own boss." Years later, I've come to realize that mine is not the path of the entrepreneur. I don't have any great ideas for my own company, but I do have the skills to help others realize their dreams. Codetastic is my company, but it only exists to help yours succeed.

I have two decades of experience with technology companies ranging from Fortune500 chip manufacturers to medical device startups vying for FDA approval to newly minted mobile gaming startups building a team from scratch. I have built apps based entirely on serverless and wired 2U boxes into racks. I have redesigned interfaces, architected data warehouses and ETL pipelines, and consulted on ML model design. All of this is to say, I am fully qualified to advise you on a range of technology issues. Considering a move to the cloud and want to take advantage of cloud native architecture? Want help handling GDPR, CCPA, or even ADA compliance? Want to set up a two sided marketplace? Debating whether to build an engineering team or contract it out, on-shore, near-shore, or off-shore? I've faced all of these issues and more!

In short, whether you're looking for an experienced person to implement a project, or you're looking for answers for some tough technology questions, I can help. Feel free to send a short description of your needs and we can schedule a consultation.