Reducing your life to a short text blurb is no job for the faint of heart. Given that, there are definitely a few things that might give you an idea of the type of person you're dealing with. I've held exactly two jobs where I couldn't bike to work. I prefer jeans to slacks and avoid socks whenever possible. I can deal with fluorescents when I have to, but I prefer natural light when possible. My mother thinks I drink too much coffee, but my co-workers are shocked by my restraint. I find that yoga provides exercise along with meditation, while climbing gets me exercise with a side of problem solving; I try to find time for both at least once a week.

From a more professional perspective, I have strong opinions but I truly believe that the customer is always right. I'll take MacOS before Linux, and Linux before Windows; but when Windows is the answer, well, I can do that too. I prefer open source software and have often sold it to the open minded, though there is also a place for commercial solutions. I recognize the value of good design, and I also recognize that my strength lies in implementing the creation of a talented designer. In fact, I would describe myself as a jack of all trades; experienced enough in any given domain to have an opinion, but wise enough to bow to the experts.

And if you're looking for conversation starters between technical interviews... I grew up in San Diego, but I've lived in New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and now San Francisco. I've done a fair bit of traveling through Europe and Asia; Central and South America are next on the agenda. I'm a solid snowboarder, decent surfer, recreational scuba diver, and occasional glass blower. I've won blue ribbons at the county fair. I make a decent jambalaya and a mean sesame peanut noodles.