Strongwiki solves a problem that I've been contemplating for years. How do I carry around a little bit of encrypted information that I can decrypt and view on any computer, anywhere? I hit on the answer last year and built Strongwiki -- a javascript wiki with built-in strong encryption. I borrowed the javascript file storage code and build tools from TiddlyWiki, the encryption code from JavaScrypt, and the the markup from Showdown. A little lightbox magic and some prototype and my problem was solved. The project is open source and the home page is StrongWiki I should also note that hosting has been generously donated by wiseGEEK.

Trabian is a Rails shop that specializes in content management systems for Credit Unions. They contracted me to create a polling plugin for Mephisto (which their CMS is based on). I did it, they were happy, and RealSoonNow we'll make it available to the public!

Adhoc Mobile needed an administrative area to create and publish advertisements on their network of mobile applications. They had built the back end as web services using J2EE and SOAP, and my project was to use those services to add advertisements into the system. I chose Rails and Prototype/Scriptaculous to implement everything as an opportunity to delve into ActiveResource (which was beta at the time).

Mabo Studios specializes in outsourcing architectural rendering to China. They needed a site where their customers and vendors could see the progress of their projects. The site uses Ruby on Rails and is my first journey into the joy that is programming Rails. This is also the first project on which I flew entirely solo.

Convisia Design Collaborator is a Java thick client app for shared markup of blueprints, medical imaging, or anything else. It was built using JBoss on the backend and communicating via JMS to the Swing client. Most of my work was on the front end, but I did a bit of hacking on the server side as well. Learned a lot of Swing tricks and really got my head around the whole model-view-controller pattern on this project.

Sora City is a cell phone / flash game written in Java and based on a platform called the BEAST. The BEAST was a Java project that I had the pleasure of designing, managing, and coding (at various points). The team was amazing and the concept was fascinating. It consisted of a customizable event engine that allowed characters to participate in events while the users were offline. The results of the events were presented to the users in a blog format whenever the user checked in on his phone or via a flash interface. It was a fascinating idea that never quite made it due to a variety of business difficulties (dealing with cellphone carriers is unpleasant).


Active Resource I never actually gave this presentation that I put together for sd.rb. But I have the slides, so I figure I ought to get them out there. Incidentally this talk covers ActiveResource as it existed in edge rails in March 2007, so the information is pretty dated.

Intermediate Photography : or what the other buttons do was given at Bar Camp San Diego in June 2007. As it turns out, the crowd was mostly advanced photographers, but we had a good time anyway.

Coder Yoga was given at BarCampLA-2. The slides are very bare-bones, but they list quite a few stretches that can be done at (or near) your desk. Mostly I wanted to post these slides because Cory Doctorow mentioned this talk on Boing Boing.

Fun Stuff

Google Sans About A friend was complaining about search results polluting his searches. So I built a little firefox searchbar plugin that doesn't return anything from Easy enough, and it made his life a little better!